Bandicoot Adventures I

So here we are with the first real instalment of my gaming adventure, it was decided for me that I couldn’t just continue from my saved locations. We are playing the complete Crash Bandicoot Saga from the beginning until releases unplayable on a PS2.

We’re playing levels from N. Sanity Beach until Upstream with commentary along the way. Continue reading Bandicoot Adventures I


Sister Snuggles

I’ve decided upon the first of any handmade Christmas presents. I know I’m beginning late, but better late than never.

I’m using the ten stitch blanket pattern (crochet) [link] to create something which I hope my sister will love and find useful. I’ve picked out a multi-coloured yarn from my stash, which will create a beautiful pattern and be soft but hard wearing.

Why don’t you, Slytherin?

If you didn’t guess by the title and the luscious yarn pictured above, I am a huge Harry Potter fangirl. Somewhere along the way my love of all things green and my dark and twisty heart succeeded in the Pottermore Sorting Hat placing me in the best of all Houses: Slytherin.

The pattern is a basic Corner to Corner crochet stitch, with a yarn eating Scroll Ruffle border. I’ve linked to a baby blanket pattern through my Ravelry notebook, as this was where I first found the stitch. My version is scaled up to a UK Kingsize.

I’ve lost count of the number of skeins I’ve bought since the project began, but we are well into double figures.

The yarn I chose was James C. Brett Marble Chunky, from their Glamour range. I have no idea if this colour is still available, but I can’t get my hands on it for love nor money. When it runs out, it runs out.

I’ve found the C2C stitch an easy one to work with, and despite the sheer size of the project, it did work up quickly. There have been some vast time-lapses which have led to it still lying incomplete.

The border I chose looked pretty and gives some weight to the edges. Admittedly it’s taken a lot more yarn than I initially expected. It’s not a stitch I will be using again in a hurry.

I’ve designated this a priority project, I’m desperate to have it completed to snuggle in.

Bunny x

Ravelry Project Link: [Here]

Looking to the other side

Available through Amazon

I’ve been loaned a book by a close friend in an attempt to add depth to discussion. Neither of us believe that the other will change their opinion on Brexit, but the book was gifted to broaden the horizons of the mind, and to expand conversation. Continue reading Looking to the other side

Candy Stripes

This funky new throw pillow began life as a baby blanket, intended as a gift for someone who’s no longer such a close friend.

It was one of those free kits you find in magazines, and I screwed up with the gauge. Finding myself with a pretty piece of material, I raided the odds and ends box and kept stitching.


The backing is a fan and v stitch, which I’m convinced I managed to end up with the wrong side facing.

I’ve worked on this piece, on and off for two whole Netflix series. Picking it up here and there between the endless ironing and limitless housework.

I found the perfect solution to seaming the edges accurately; gone are the old fashioned pins that snagged my fingers along the way. A handful of cheap stitch markers has worked a treat. I quite like the way the seams turned out.

The stuffing came in the form of a plain white cushion picked up amongst the essential IKEA bits and pieces. It was so much easier than finding pillow inserts, there being hardly any craft shops near me.

It’s all been made using acrylic yarn, double knit in weight and a 3.5mm hook.

I’m pleased at how it all turned out, and find that the rainbow really matches with my amazingly green sofa.

Signing off until the next project 🙂

Bunny x

90’s Girl Gamer

I’m a child of the nineties, born early enough not to be consumed by technology but late enough to have an awareness, which I feel, allows me to drift through the internet without giving away every inch of my privacy.

I’ve always loved video games, it’s been something that was an afternoon of escapism with bright colours and catchy tunes. Yet I’ve never managed to complete a single game I’ve owned. Continue reading 90’s Girl Gamer

Winter is Coming

August is soon to be September, and before we know it, Christmas will be upon us. It’s that time of year when no one wants to think of the oncoming cold, but for those of us dedicated to carefully crafting every last stitch of our gifts and winter warmers, it’s already getting late.

Continue reading Winter is Coming

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