I suppose that this is where I say hello… It’s nice to meet you, or meet you again.

If you’ve already been around here, you’ll notice that everything’s been emptied out, and we’re starting from scratch.


So, hello. I’m ………, but you can call me Red. Might as well because no one else will. I’m a student and am hoping to have a career in something… I can’t say yes or no to something because I am still in the process of discovering the person I am, and the person I am meant to be.

If you’re going to stick around for the long haul then I must warn you that some days may be good and others may just end with me ranting about who knows what. But stick with it, we all have one of those days, any we all have down spells.

For those people who are here from ff.net and are followers from there, expect to find the occasional spoiler or deleted scene. I can’t promise that there will always be some, and I can’t promise that they will be brilliant; but I can say that for some of the longer works there’s a possibility. It could just be that this is the place I post the random ideas, and hope that something may come of it.

Love you all.
R x