Pretty much as the title states, I’m beginning the process of looking back at some of my more embarrasing works and wondering what I can do to fix them. I’ve had writers block since last years NaNoWriMo, and I’ve been wondering what has been sucking away that creativity; I’ve had lots of ideas of what it could be, but nothing that I could really do to prove it.

I was thinking that maybe it could be:

  • The stress from the Degree course I’m studying.
  • The pressure from the people back home (I moved away for Uni).
  • Or it could be that I lost complete confidence in my writing when that big 50,000 never appeared.

So I left my writing for a while and entered into the world of being a reader, and began searching for something new. I began to research for my next big original idea, which is harder than I first thought it would be. I took to reading the fanfiction that I’d been putting off for ages, and joined in with some of the forums, hoping that maybe there would be something there that would give me a little bit of a boost. Yes, at the moment I’m pretty much a fanfiction author, but I call it practice. One day I’m gonna have a chance to finish a novel of my own, and I’m gonna be proud of it, and maybe it’ll end up in a print format instead of hiding away in my computer file tree.

As I scoured the fanfiction forums to find somewhere I thought I could join in, I noticed a lot of things. There are threads on pet peeves, and what put readers off, and I went back to some of my first stories and realised that a lot of them are terrible. I think most of my first Original Characters are what are termed as Mary Sue’s, and looking back at the original stories scribbled all over the place, they all pretty much revolve around a character who is essentially me.

I looked at the stories I had that only featured canon characters, and found that some of them turned out okay. But they were still pretty weak. To be fair, looking back I realise just how much I have grown as a person, and how much my writing has changed. It was 2008 when I first began my online journey, and in the five years I’ve become a whole different person; I think that the writing and the people who’ve supported me over the years have helped bring me out of my shell.

And so I thought about taking some of the ones I hate the most. And thought that if I had a look over them, and see if there was anything worth salvaging. And so it began with Serena Potter, and the new improved version In From the Cold. I’m hoping that this time around it doesn’t turn into the same as the last.

I do hope that maybe that spark of creativity will burst into something more than the weak flame it is today.

R x