Once again it is a Saturday afternoon and I have yet to embark upon any of the studying that I am meant to be doing. It’s a pattern that has been going on for a long time; weekends have an unofficial rule back home, they are they days where it’s okay to sleep in.

My parents complain about my baby sister and I sleeping into the afternoon some weekends, but they give us the nod of understanding and let us carry on.

This is where I’m going to tell you to check out another post, which will probably arrive this evening. Because this isn’t the place for me to be complaining about the English Education System….

Anyhow, today I have a list of things to do a mile long. Most of them are cleaning and studying. Well after I made the kitchen sparkle last night, I’m putting the cleaning off for a while.

I’m usually quite good at dealing with stress. I always have been, I was the kid who over worked themselves throughout the year and when it came to exam season I suffered from self induced sleep deprivation. Hence the sleepy weekends.

But since I embarked upon my degree I can’t seem to manage the way I used to. There are a lot of external factors that I cannot control, and they seem to have an affect on that which I can.

I’m in Halls of Residence at the moment and I can’t stand it. The walls are too thin, my room’s too small (I literally have no space to swing a cat, not that I’d be swinging cat’s because that’s cruel), and most of us who are now “adults” can’t seem to understand that there are people in the room below, beside or across who need our sleep. I have nothing wrong with people having sex, but either have good sex which makes others jealous, or have really quiet bad sex; (good sex makes for brilliant writing inspiration, not that I’d have much experience as my boyfriend is a good 100 miles away, and he’s terrible…).

I’m ranting, I know, but I’m suffering from a cold that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. I have few symptoms when I’m up and awake and moving, but as soon as I lay down to sleep, for some unknown reason the coughing fits begin. So I don’t sleep. I’m living off energy drinks and praying that on Monday I’ll be as right as reign.

Rant over.
R x