“In From the Cold” is my most recent Harry Potter fanfiction. It tells the story of Angel Harmony, a girl who is a ward of the state who believes that there is no one in the world to protect her but herself. Her story is one of lies and betrayal, and the effect such things have upon a person and the family unit as a whole.

It is effectively a rewrite of a much earlier work, “Serena Potter“. But it is as much its own story as it is the old one.

Instead of being set across all of the years at Hogwarts,  and being a whole fantastic adventure, In From the Cold is going to be set across the single first year. I can’t promise that it won’t have elements of a flight of fancy, because all in all it is in the Harry Potter fandom.

Harmony, as is effectively revealed in the first chapter, is actually a Potter. How and why are the two questions which I aim to answer through the story. Because for once its not going to matter who she falls in love with, this is the story of a young girl who is going from rags to riches, literally; and how she manages to cope with such changes.

I can say now that I’m not going to make it an easy ride for Angel. The lies and betrayal run deeper than just Angel, it’s going to uproot the whole family. Here I pose a question: how would you react if suddenly you have family, but they don’t accept you exist?

We don’t hear much in the original canon about James Potter and his family life, so putting one in place. The little we do hear is that they effectively adopted Sirius when he left home, and it seemed to be a happy place. Parents can be quite good at hiding things from their children, much like children can be good at hiding things from their friends.

Hope you enjoy reading it.
R x