Being a full time student I have begun to realise just how much money matters to keep you going in life. I was never spoiled as a child, but I didn’t have to want for anything. My parents, like most parents, tried to do their best for me. I got a job while I was still at home, but didn’t save very much; as soon as I got a bank balance of my own I became a shopaholic.

I can practice some control over my spending, but I’m not very good at putting money into my savings.

So at the beginning of the week, I had another look at some of the money saving websites which my mum suggested I kept an eye upon during my time at Uni. For the first time I’m actually beginning to take money matters seriously.

My mum suggested that would be a good place to visit. I’ve officially embarked upon a savings challenge. I have a money box with no method of getting the money out, other than to break it; therefore I’ve joined the sealed pot money saving challenge. I aim to save as much as I can by the time the challenge ends. I’m hoping that through learning how to budget this term I can manage to keep a budget next year.

I’ve always had my own eclectic taste in fashion. Enjoying the love of labels, and the amazing feeling I get knowing that I own them, hence why my best friend calls me a Labels Queen. I have been known to buy my labels on sale, with at most a 50% reduction. But that still makes them to be expensive items. Ever since I moved to University I have been among the unemployed, so my labels have hurt my bank balance that bit more.

Shoes are my vice. I found that I could stand tall in any clothes, so long as I had a pair of shoes that I am proud of.

I’ve never had to cross into the red just yet, but I’m trying to make my only debt from Uni to be the loan I took from the government to cover my fees. I know that I am unlikely to manage to make it through my whole life without major debts, but I don’t want those to be any more than necessary.

Today I come to you as a Money Saving Newbie… a convert from my shopaholic ways.
I know that I am facing a long up hill battle, but I will find an inner peace once I can afford my luxuries without having to worry about my bank balance.