When moving home, we all realise that there is going to have to be some compromise. But it appears that no matter how much we realise this, we still try our hardest to find that perfect place; we hope that there will be that perfect home just waiting, and all within the reach of our tiny budget.

I’m hoping to have a new flatmate next year; lets call her Cadie. She’s just another someone who I met throught my University Course, only this someone turned into a fast friend. Cadie and I haven’t known each other very long, but we seem to get along rather well. We have pretty much the same tastes in music, food and our fashion sense is similar; in the sense that I’ve got the wild and crazy colours and the awe inspiring shoes, which were what drew Cadie to me in the first place, (what can I say, I like being noticed).

However for all of our alikeness we are not managing to see eye to eye on a place to live. And it isn’t the place which is the problem, it’s the contract. We’re both students and we both have the same obligations to pass our first year exams to get into our second. And it’s this ‘exam stress’ which is causing the break in communications. Literally we get to this point every time we try to discuss it, and communication stops; it is one hell of a block in the road. I can’t say that I am the most cautious with money, but I can say that sometimes a small risk is a necessary one.

Together we have found a place we both like; it isn’t perfect but it could be home for a year. There is no deposit, but a energy contribution to put down to secure the flat; we would pay the first month’s rent, one month in advance of moving in, which means that we wouldn’t have to find near enough £500 in an instant. The weekly rent is pretty decent considering the fact that the flat is literally a five minute walk from the city centre and the University. The only thing on top that we would be required to pay would be internet, which works out at most around £3.50 a week.

 The other place we’ve looked at offers pretty much the same deal, only it’s about £10 more expensive per week, further out of the city, but includes the internet. It also includes other flatmates who would have to share a tiny kitchen.

We both agree that we prefer the first place we saw. The only problem is that there is no quick get out clause in the contract if (God forbid) we fail our first year of University. I think it’s very unlikely, and the number of places to stay is running out quick.

I don’t want to be living alone, and I like my friend; but I think she’s being just that she’s demanding just a bit much. Everything has to go her way, and almost every argument I make is cut down. She’s used to playing the little sister, and hasn’t jumped into the big world yet. And I can’t say that being in Halls of Residence again for a second year will help my studies much; I understand it being a right of passage and all, but I couldn’t spend another year in this, people have the right to do as they please, but it would be nice if they could just sometimes respect me, and my right to do as I please, to be able to sleep and study in peace.