Today was meant to be a heavy day of revision, with my penultimate exam being on Thursday, and it being one of my worst subjects. As luck would have it whenever I sit down to do something important I am either dragged away by another emergancy, or I find myself distracted.

This morning wasn’t too bad, I actually managed to finish reading over my notes. It has been this afternoon where I have come to wish that the flat I am living in had thicker walls.

The delightful upstairs neighbours have spent their afternoon filled with energetic sex. Between hearing her pleasurable sighs, screams and moans, and the bed springs that couldn’t be any louder if they tried, I could be living in a nightmare. And now as I write they are fighting with each other.

It’s Sod’s Law that today of all days I have an iPod but no earphones, a intermittent internet connection and no where else to go. So I am here complaining to you, and feeling terribly jealous.