Having stumbled across 101 books I have found myself inspired to complete a similar challenge. My first idea was to have a go at completing the same list as Robert, the 101 books blogger, yet I find myself shying away from the list. It contains a lot of long and heavy books, yet misses out a number of authors I would like to read as they were published too early to make the 20th Century top 100.

I think it would be nice to have something short, a sort of beginners challenge, a practice run. And I’m currently a poor student so a list of books I already own would be benificial.

Currently being a first year law student, with all of the hard work ahead of me, I don’t want to tie myself to a list of books which will tear me away from my degree. I have a hard enough time already trying to finish textbooks, which can act better than sleeping pills at times; I have a fondness for fiction that can, and has previously, driven me to distraction. (I have honestly made myself ill in the attempt of finishing a book. I swear sleep deprivation is horrid, but worse are the cravings to find out what happens to those all important characters.)

Plus I would love to be able to say that I have honestly managed to finish something.

My second idea was that I should read all of those books I downloaded and never got round to. My wonderful mum bought me an Amazon Kindle (when they were still black and white, and came with full keyboards), as a christmas present when I started A level English Literature. I have since downloaded books I needed for my course, books I have read, books I was planning to read, and lots of free ones (simply because they were free). Who leaves a free book behind? Well maybe some people do, but I do pick up books with the best of intentions, I do plan to read them eventually.

I have compiled a numbered list of all of the ebooks I currently have, not counting any on my wishlist. I split such ebooks as The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde,  into their separate novels and plays, to make them feel easier to read; there is no way that I’m going tto manage to finish one of his novels in a day, never mind his entire works. In total there are approximately 155 ebooks to read. To add to this I have my box of books that I brought to University with me, and there is a miniture library back home (tragically stuffed into packing boxes to make them fit in my room).

Long ago I realised that I have an addiction to books and bookshops, much like I have an addiction to buying pretty notebooks. I may not read all of the books at the time of purchase, but I promise them that they will be read one day, (I do use the notebooks I buy as well, eventually).

Hence why I have realised that reading my kindle is not an easy task.

So I am currently planning to set aside a set number of hours a day once I begin summer and see how many books I manage to read by the time the summer is out. I am going to put together a list of books that I feel cannot be missed, and some old favourites, just so that there is some structure to my reading. And I’ll plan a bigger list for later, maybe when I have a real space of my own to keep them. If you’ve seen my other blog you will also know that I am planning to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo in July, so there may be a busy summer ahead; but if I get nothing more out of it, I will have jumped into the literary world and organised my reality just a bit better.

R x