Tunstall Reservoir, Wolsingham, UK
Tunstall Reservoir, UK

Yesterday I finished my first year of University, sitting my last exam and looking forward to my super long summer. During the years previously I’ve been here on nice days fishing with my Dad, it’s one of my favorite places.

Currently I am beginning the process of looking for a job. I would love it if I could find something within the legal sector, I’d be able to put something towards my degree. But at times like this, I’ll be glad with any job I manage to get. I can currently see myself landing back in the Retail Sector, and I honestly don’t mind. You can learn a lot from people you get to meet.

I plan on using today to compile my ‘must read’ list for the summer. This is my challenge.

Something I did learn this year is that I’m too slow a reader to keep up, and keep ahead. Reading speed is something I used to pride myself with, clearly I’ve let it slip. You can’t be a slow reader and keep up with the mountains of additional texts. If anything my summer challenge will allow me to hit two birds with one stone. I’ll make a good dent in the pile of novels, plays and poem anthologies. But I’ll also have a chance to properly get reading again.

By the end of today I hope to have at least half of my room packed, my list completed and to have my head in my first book.

I have a list ranging from Chaucer to Wilde to whoever writes the cheap romances of Mills & Boon. But for now I’m returning to my celebratory Doctor Who Marathon; I began with the very first episode, with the very first Doctor (William Hartnell), first broadcast November 23rd 1963.