I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I would really like to read, and what I think I should read. I’ve even asked google what I should read.

However I did come to the conclusion that, while being a rather poor (textbooks are wiping out my book fund), I should use the books I’ve already got. Or books that I can catch a Kindle copy for under £1. And this is what I came up with, you won’t find many vampire’s, witches or other supernaturals here:

1 The Canterbury Tales 1475 Geoffrey Chaucer
2 Tess of the D’Urbervilles 1891 Thomas Hardy
3 The Importance of Being Earnest 1895 Oscar Wilde
4 Lady Chatterley’s Lover 1928 D.H. Lawrence
5 Parade’s End 1928 Ford Madox Ford
6 Othello 1603 William Shakespeare
7 The Crew 1999 Dougie Brimson
8 Dracula 1897 Bram Stoker
9 On Stranger Tides 1987 Tim Powers
10 Half of a Yellow Sun 2006 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
11 Jane Eyre 1847 Charlotte Bronte

Each text in this list has a reason for being chosen. One was recommended to me by a teacher, many years ago. Two I have studied and found it difficult to see the story beneath the analysis. One was a Amazon Freebie. Another I enjoyed watching, while another I would love to see. And three I bought with the intention of reading, and just haven’t yet. And one is a favourite of mine.

I’m unlikely to read them in that order, and there may be others I add to the list as I go. But this is my starting line, with the photo finish being the last page of the last book.

While the list is short and my summer stupidly long, I know that there are going to be other things taking up pieces of my time. I will be trying to get a job, I’ve got to be prepared for any possible re-sit exams (I’m hoping that there will only be one), and I have next years texts to get a head start on. Yet I am going to make time for this reading. And maybe I’ll count some of my text books and cases towards this reading list; some are honestly interesting.

R x