I’m back home and unpacking my life once again. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sitting at this very desk applying to go to University. Now I find that I have more belongings than I ever had; there’s everything that I left behind, and everything I picked up while I was there.

I’m currently sitting having a tea break, looking at the piles of clothes and books splattered across my bed, and wondering how I am ever going to sleep tonight. And the front hallway is still littered with packing boxes. I want everything to be away as soon as possible, so I can enjoy the time I have back home; but it’s so hard trying to find places for all of these new things amongst the old.

As for my reading challenge, I still need to choose which book to begin with. Not to mention I need to dig them out of whatever box they ended up packed into. So far I’ve found Jane Eyre and Parade’s End; and a Kindle with an empty battery…

I’m hoping to have everything unpacked and settled by the end of tomorrow so the reading can really begin.

R x