This is the place I spent my afternoon, reading Parade’s End on the waters edge. Taking advantage of the sunshine to take a few snapshots while I was there.

The afternoon was spent in the Great Outdoors, suffering through the ever changing weather and the constant nuisance that is the bug and insect population. For the whole afternoon I have been out of the way of most modern technology (I will admit I did have my tablet with me to take photographs); there’s been no mobile phone network and the closest free Wifi service was about ten miles away. But doesn’t the countryside look peaceful?

The weather was generally nice, with beautiful spots of sunshine. Yet it was never cold, even with a covering of grey cloud. I swear I could feel my legs burning through my jeans; I wore the right clothes for the cloud, but when the sun came through it really got hot. The reservoir is really quiet, except for wildlife and the attempts my Dad kept making to catch a fish… we did get one, a decent sized Brown Trout.

IMG_00000057It’s been fun going back to some of my countryside roots. As my Dad said on the way home:

“It doesn’t matter where you end up, you’ll always have a home here.”

Where I was sitting was just perfect; directly in the path of the sun, and with a view of the valley for miles. I wish I could share the beauty of this place with everybody, but a picture will never match seeing it for yourself.

If you check the widget on the side, Goodreads should tell you how far through Parade’s End I am.

Currently I’m enjoying it, especially the writing style. The book itself feels intelligent, if that makes any sense. Almost like it was written to the authors specifications, not written by the demands of a mass market of readers. Any clearer? Instead of being a quick read that I’ve picked up in a supermarket on 2 for £7, it feels like a book that I am consciously exercising to read; its making my mind work, instead of numbing it. It’s brilliant!

R x