Once again I’ve been out in the English countryside. I can’t say the weather’s brilliant; it’s the end of June and I’ve got my dad’s fishing jacket over my own coat to keep warm. The sun keeps poking through and the wind dies off every now and again. The biggest complaint revolves around the fish, they just won’t bite.

We’ve caught two today, and I helped to land one of them… šŸ™‚ I haven’t held a fishing rod since before I became old enough to require a licence, but today I managed to bring a the fish.

I’ve been reading Parade’s End again; it’s taking a lot longer to read than I estimated, so I’m beginning to worry whether or not I’ll manage to make it through the list in time. I’ve got until my classes begin at university to officially finish my challenge. I’lll continue reading regardless but it would be nice to say that I finished on time.

So far I have less that 100 pages until I finish the first book in the tetrology, Some Do Not. It’s been an interesting read, and I’m slowly matching the television drama to the book. I hope to at least finish Some Do Not by the end of the weekend. And I am tempted to read Jane Eyre before starting on No More Parades. Not that I’m not enjoying reading Ford, it’s just a tough read.

I’ve managed to read the first couple of chapters of Half of a Yellow Sun. I’m enjoying reading it more now that I’m doing it by choice with a “flexible” deadline, instead of reading and studying it as I go. Instead of focusing on the writing technique and tthe historical accuracy, I can see the story not just the text.

Othello was a wonderful break from the novel, I tried to read it in one sitting but didn’t manage it. It was one of my A Level texts, so reading it this time was pretty easy, I know what they are talking about when common words are used in a confusing context; the in some cases the definitions have changed drastically. I found it to be a fun exercise of imagination, thinking about how I would stage the play should I ever be in charge of my own production.
I’ve seen it staged before at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield; with Dominc West as Iago. It was a college trip, but I am so glad I got to see a live performance before I sat the exam. I believe theatre brings stories to life in a way that movies never can… but more on that in the future.

I’m not doing so well on the job front, I’m still an unemployed student, watching the tennis and googling for work. I’m tempted to put my head down and write and ebook.

R x