Hello world,

I’m back after a much hated absence. I spent most of my summer stufying for my resit exams. Yes plural. If you remember, way back when, I said that along with my reading challenege I expected to have to revise for one resit exam. That one turned out to be three. I sat the last one this afternoon and now I just have to wait for the results.

Currently I am exploring England from a railway carriage. The journey home is a long one, and any books I have to read are firmly settled at the end of this journey. So for now I shall enjoy the little free time I have. Despite the fact that I am moving house again on Sunday, I endeavour to make some headway with the challenge I set myself for summer; not sure if I’ll manage it, but I can only do my best to try.

Looking back, I do think I was a little bit ambicious with the list of books I chose to read. Several are rather long, many of them are written in some variant of the English Language (Modern English differs greatly from anything written in the early 1900’s or earlier). And even the books which are favourites take a while to read, you savour the memorable moments and recount the memories of readings previous.

I don’t particularly want to edit the time frame on my first challenge. I will either call it a success or a fail. The books that didn’t get read will likely appear on another list at another time, and I will always find a space in my life for my favourites. No book is a waste of time, some just deserve more time than others. I do think there are books that I could happily cross off my list forever having never picked up, and books that maybe I’ll return too much later in life where all I have is time.

Tomorrow I will once again pack my life into boxes, but for now this is me, watching the world go by.


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