Yesterday I made friends with a wonderful group of people, they live in the flat upstairs and are some wonderful people. Yesterday was the first birthday party of this University Year. Cadie and I only met them yesterday evening and ended up at the party anyway; we took Cake and a present to be polite. We all ended up out on the town and it was wonderful. We mostly had a great time, and Cadie managed to celebrate alongside our new friends.

Today is Cadie’s birthday, she’s had a rough ride this summer and she’s still got a lot of stuff that’s on her mind. I want her to have a good birthday and had wanted to throw her a surprise party, but I have no idea what time she’ll be home. Cadie’s looking after her parents today. We will be able to celebrate later, and she can enjoy her 20th.

Then this time next week I’ll have turned 20. I have no idea what to do with my birthday, I’ve never really been a party girl; but we’ll find something. Parties bring people together and it is so much fun to make new friends along the way.