Today the results of the resit exams were released and I am pleased to tell you that I passed all three of my exams and made it into my second year of university.

I’m happily settling into my new student house; it used to be an old cotton mill so it is a little spooky, but if anything I’m going to be able to scare the life out of a few of my roommates with my quirky fashion sense. Victoriana in an old mill.

Recently I have been trying my hardest to complete the reading challege that I set at the beginning of the summer. So far I’ve done pretty badly with the catching up. So I’m giving up, there’s no way that I can prepare for University and read all those words in the next ten days. I have learned some valuable lessons about time management and the importance of not biting off more than you can chew.

I have enjoyed it greatly and I will likely attempt another challegne again, however I think I am going to read in my own time for a while, instead of reading to a deadline. There’s a lifetimes worth of books I want to read, if only I had nothing else to do. I will be finishing Parade’s End .