It feels like forever since I dropped by and left a post.

I have valid excuses… well semi valid excuses. One is univeristy obviously, there’s a lot that I need to do, and a lot of work that I need to get on top of. I plan on trying to get a little bit ahead this week so that I don’t feel so bad going home next weekend.

The second is the best bit of news that I’ve had for a long time. I managed to get a job, it’s not anything major just nightshift at a local supermarket, but it is gainful employment, and I am so happy to have gotten it.

Any other excuses just relate to me being far to busy to be bothered with the blog. Which is terrible isn’t it.

I am pretty much on track with the way my studies are going, but I’m going to put a little more effort into them. I’ve decided that I am looking into a flat of my own next year. A studio apartment would be nice, but we shall have to see how things go. I need to save up quite a bit of money to be able to keep up with the rent installments for that.

Talk to you all later
R x

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