*Just to Warn you… there is a rant coming up*

I’m fed up of being the last person that people turn to to complain at. Especially when it comes to my flatmates. In their heads it appears that by the process of elimination that just because I am the last person they find to complain at, that I am the one to blame.

I’ll admit that I am picky about how I wash my clothes, so have more loads of clothes than some people would find necessary. But it keeps the colours bright, and it keeps important articles of clothing from changing colour. I have to wash my uniform in a seperate load from everything else, because it is my work uniform. You wouldn’t find a happy boss should you turn up to work in a shirt that should be purple, but isn’t because the colour ran from one of your new skirts. And then I just have too many clothes to wash to make up a single 6kg load.

I wear smart clothes when I’m out and about, because you never know who you are going to meet and whether they will remember you in the future. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Confessions of a Shopaholic, but there is the scene where she’s trying to get change to buy a scarf and meets her future boss, who then recognises her later. You just don’t know who you are going to meet in the big wide world. I met some of my A level teachers through my job, before I ever met them at College. And they remembered me as the smartly dressed, well spoken checkout girl.

And like a sensible person, I change out of my smart clothes when I get home. It means that my skirts at least will last two days; (saving on washing). But it also means that I have jeans and dresses, which I couldn’t normally wear to University, must also be washed at some point. There’s 3 loads of washing.

Then there are towels and bedsheets. Which make up two loads of washing. I don’t know how any grown woman can consider herself able to wash all of her clothes in a single load. She must not be wearing very many.

The other members of the flat seem happy enough to pass the blame as soon as they can, then snap at me whenever they get the chance. It’s not even as if they want to have a peaceful conversation about things, whenever they want to bring up issues there is a tone in their voice that suggests that they are trying to start a fight. I’m a pacifist, I won’t fight unless I really have too. I can raise my voice and I can shout with the best of them, but I’d rather sit down and sort things out. But this sitting down thing is,

impossible, what with everyone being at university at different times

But my biggest problem is being blamed for the flat being unclean and messy. Yes my room isn’t the tidiest, but I do make an effort to make it inhabitable. It’s my room, and its going to have my mess all over, but I move my stuff from the shared areas. I wash up my plates and cutlery when I’m finished, or I at least put them in the dishwasher. I might occasionally leave one on the side, and go back to it later, but I go back to it. I don’t leave pots and pans, plates, glasses and cutlery piled up until they are turning mouldy and putting us all at risk. And I am fed up of having to clean up other people’s mess.

My flatmates can be as environmentally aware as possible, but they should be health aware too.

We’ve had all sorts of problems in the flat cause by their inability to clean. And the five of them have happily shifted the blame to Cadie and I. The worst bit about it is that they never want to confront me, they always pass their messages through Cadie before they turn on me. I’ve given up… I’m moving in on my own next year, where I don’t need to deal with other people to keep my house in order.

I have a list of complaints that I need to get sorted, but as a collective I’m never going to get a word in edgeways.

I work nightshifts at the weekend, and a number of the flatmates can’t respect that I need there to be some peace and quiet. You know so that I can sleep. 8 hours stacking shelves is hard work. It’s a lot of heavy lifting. I can’t manage to be awake all day, and then stay up all night as well. Last week they managed to play an immensely loud game of hide and seek just as I was beginning to fall to sleep; I’m at University on Friday’s, and then I grab a nap before getting ready to work.

I would love for the “eco warriors” to remember to turn off the light to the downstairs bathroom when they are finished. The rest of the lights are on sensors, so you’re not going to fall over in the dark. Complain at me for the washing machine when you can rememeber to hit the lights. And yes the lights are on in my room until silly hours of the morning, that’s because I’m usually up studying until the silly hours.

And to add to the healthy risks, turning the heating off could kill me. There’s damp in my room that’s being treated, but the problem’s external so the weather needs to pick up before it can be fixed. The best advice I’ve been given is to keep my room warm and try and dry it out from inside. There was black mould when I moved in, and that can have fatal results. I try and keep my room at a comfortable temperature so that the window dries out the best it can, but people keep turning the heating down on me.

Just to mention I do realise that these things are petty, and probably easily sorted. But I’m stuggling with them.

That will be all. Till next time.
R x

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