I’ve been deferred from University since Christmas, due to a lot of different things. I’ve found that knitting is brilliant for my stress levels.

I’ve managed to finish of the bigger sections of my throw. It’s all stitched together. It was wonderful to finally have this piece finished, and I figured it would be nice to stitch some of the pieces to for the middle.

I’m currently trying to stich a section which is a mix of the King Charles Brocade and the English Mesh Lace. I found some wonderful tutorials on New Stitch A Day.

When I began stitching the heart panels together I realised that the pieces didn’t make a square. When I’d originally been fiddling with the pattern I thought as all of the pieces looked square enough that they’d just make a bigger version of that shape.

Example of the English Mesh Lace Stitch

The pieces are just a little bit wider than they are long, meaning that when they were put together I ended up with a rectangle.

I figured if I found a couple of pretty lace patterns I could make the throw a little more even in it’s design.

I found both of the designs pretty, and they’re both designs are stitched over 8 rows. I’m finding that it’s making them both rather easy to stich at the same time.

Speak Soon 🙂