I know it’s been a while, and as I’ve decided to try and keep a track of my projects through Ravelry, I’m also going to try and keep my blog updated with my projects and how they are going… I reaslied recently that my flatmate is completely disinterested in my craft unless it means cute presents for her…

I had a rather long list of people to make presents for at the last minute for Christmas. I found that by the time I got Christmas shopping that my budget was far too stretched to be able to buy anything for people, I had to raid my stash to make something for everybody.

Williams’ family blanket
I was invited to dinner with my friend’s family, as I wasn’t allowed to spend Christmas alone. I was working boxing day, so I coulWilliams family blanketdn’t go home to my own parents. I made a blanket for the family as one gigantic present.


Lil Sis Infinity Scarf
I made an armknitted infinity scarf, with this wool from Hobbycraft. I had the wool in a deep purple and white. 558634_1000_1_340The original design popped up on my facebook news feed, so I raided youtube and came up with this:


Gem’s Tassle Scarf & Pebble’s Scarf
I found a pretty design for a Chenille stole. I didn’t have any Chenille in my stash, so picked up the prettiest yarn that I had in  my stash. I used this yarn, once again from Hobby craft, once in this varigated yarn, and again in coral. dscn0401_smallThe coral had the tassles from the end of the stole pattern, while the varigated was designed to be a bit of a plainer scarf.


Imogen’s Victorian Blanket

I found this pattern a long time ago and wanted someone to make it for. Baby Imogen is a recent addition to my flatmates extended family, and I thought that a present for that little piece of family would be a cute blanket.

I can’t remember where I found the pattern, but it was pretty cheap. I do remember that Cali Chic Patterns had lots of very pretty designs I just wanted to try. Really trying hard to remember when I found it.

I have recently discovered that Imogen has a sibling on the way, and they’re keeping the gender secret, so at somepoint in 2016 I have another to make in another gender neutral colour.


This was the picture that was taken midway through the project. I was making the blanket in another of the varigated WI yarns in Hobbycraft. This one was a set of blues and lilac.