I’m currently in the process of making the Penny Arcade Jacket out of Women’s Institute Soft & Chunky, in Black, from my local Hobbycraft.

The Pattern is by Caron International Yarns.

I don’t own a 9mm hook, so I’m making it with a 10mm and 6mm. The 10mm works a lot better with the current wool. I haven’t got enough to finish the project, but I have got enough to make a good start.

My current observations are:

  • it’s going to be nice and warm.
  • it has the potential to be too big, so may end up a present for my flatmate, or a rather oversized, oversized jacket.
  • the pattern is really pretty, and I am currently curious as to how it would work in some of the different yarns in my stash.

I will upload some pictures of my project in the next post.