So we come to the first of my new projects for 2017; the Carnaby Skirt I stumbled across the design upon Ravelry, from the delightful people at

Upon browsing through the pages of patterns on Ravelry, I stumbled upon this particularly delightful pattern.


The skirt itself looks beautiful in red and in many of the other colours shown on the pattern. I however have quite a few spare balls of this pink variegated yarn, so I’m having a go. My SO pointed out that I’m probably going to finish it and never wear it, but the pink works great as a practice run. I’m not the best at following patterns, so currently practice pieces are great. I’ve tried just working up tension squares and still ended up at the end with a product that looks like it should but doesn’t fit. As SO said, at the end I can always order some Yarn in the colours I want and make up a couple of skirts when I know what I’m doing.img_0371_1__medium2

This is it so far. I’m not quite happy with the colours, but I am happily considering just shelving this piece once I’m done, and going through the process again with a selection of colours I really like.

The pattern does suggest a circular needle, however I own a long set of straight ones, which are doing the job quite well. There are still buttons to buy, which I’m leaving until I’m nearly done. I am considered that this piece will probably need lining as well. The yarn itself is quite soft, but I can see it irritating my skin with any extended wear. I’ve discovered recently that I’m having to take extra care with the materials I choose.

Fingers crossed that this piece turns out the way it is supposed to. Follow my progress here: Ravelry.