So last week, in A Spot of Pink, I posted that I was beginning my challenge for the year, 17for17. This would be 17 handmade projects to keep me going throughout the year, and the Carnaby Skirt would be the first.

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For timg_0371_1__medium2he first two days I decided I wasn’t sure about the colour I’d chosen to use. That once finished, this garment may find itself sitting at the bottom of my wardrobe looking for love.

The colours in the yarn weren’t really making themselves appealing. I was looking at the project wondering whether anything good would come from my efforts.

I’m not much further along than I was then, but definitely enough to notice that the repeats in the colourway seem to match nicely with the sections of the pattern. While I am still unsure as to whether I wouldimg_0376_1__medium2 ever wear the results of this project,  I’m definitely feeling a little more positive about the outcome.

This is what I have so far today. The pink stripes are turning out quite well I think, and I’m actually enjoying the repetitiveness of the pattern. With all of the stress of trying to return to University and the rest of life going on, it is nice to have something in the background to work on.

I’m not sure when I will have it finished, but I hope it will be sometime soon. Perhaps not to wear, but so that I can sit back happily and feel as if I have managed to achieve something in this new year.

The pattern can be found here:

And my Ravelry project is here: